Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Pool Madness

So I took the whole family to the pool. We're swimming around, the kids are making friends with other kids, we're talking to a fellow parent, and the whole right side of my swimsuit just tears itself to shreds. Yeah, it's old. Yeah, it's been decimated by the chlorine content of and frequent use in the LifeTime pool. Yeah, I have to stick the pin through it to hold my key while I swim and avoid the $40 lost key fee. But as Gob Bluth might say, Come On!

I sort of pinned it together with the key and held it together for the mercifully short walk to one of the family changing rooms. And thankfully, while I am not a nevernude, I keep underpants on under the suit and its liner, which didn't tear at all. It was merely awkward, not illegal.

So I had a reduced workout this week of elliptical and weights and no swimming while I wait until I'm back at my weekly Target visit to exchange the swimsuit I bought to replace it with the next size up.