Thursday, June 26, 2008

And Again With The "Next Week"

How many times have I posted a new start date for exercising? But um, next Monday. Yeah. Going to really get out there and see what I can do. The left big toe is still slightly oversized but you know I have to run sometime. I signed up for the 2008 Twin Cities Marathon...5K. So goal? I could say 25 minutes, I guess. Yeah, 25 minutes. That's my goal.

Had lowest weight since weigh-in began - 206 - and have generally noticed weight around 208/209 this month whereas last month was most often (median) 212. So the eating part is working. I have added a microwaveable sausage, egg, cheese biscuit to the training table every morning. I read on the internet that this helps a person feel full all day and my experience suggests it is so. Well, that's probably more than enough computer time. Time to go play with the family.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Lazy Bum

My toe hurt a little more after I did a very, very short run on Friday morning. Expletive! It is frustrating not to be able to run or to feel like I might be hurting myself worse by doing so. I was thinking of running this morning early, but had trouble sleeping related to toddler and perhaps the diet coke I had around 6:30. I think no caffeine after noon or so is going to have to be a rule. It was like I could see through my eyelids. Eyes were closed, but I wasn't asleep and I felt like I could see the room. It looked like the lights were on even though they weren't. Very strange night for me really. Uncommon, thankfully.

Inspired by Tiger Woods winning the U.S. Open in the most dramatic possible way (including a bum knee) I may just run Wednesday morning and the toe can fend for itself. Good luck, toe. I wish you well, but you're coming with me and you'll kick your share of dirt. Gear up.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's The Eating, Stupid

So here's what I've found. I haven't really exercised much in the last several weeks due to injury. I exercised slightly in Chicago last weekend, but ate like I was on vacation, which I was, and ended up back at 215, my weight when I started the program/blog/etc. Then I ate like I was back at home for four days and dropped to 207 with no exercising at all. I'm going to start exercising again tomorrow morning for real. Yeah. It's all set to go. It's all gonna be great.

What's my point? I guess it's that you don't have to exercise to lose weight, but (I think) it helps. We'll see.

Oh, and Bill - What did you want for a prize? Do you have an Urban Rust CD? That is the default prize due to dramatic overstock at the warehouse, but you can hold out until I finish The Shapely Bottles if you want.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Good Exercise Weekend

35 minutes of eliptical yesterday morning (10, then 15, then 10, with breaks) and 25 this morning (15, then 10 while watching a 25 year old Jets-Dolphins game) plus approximately 1400 miles of walking around downtown Chicago yesterday has left me feeling pretty good. One more morning in the hotel tomorrow, then I think I will try resuming regular running on Wednesday of next week.

I have suspended the new eating habits pretty much. I was basically forced into eating a triple "cheezborger" yesterday at the legendary Billy Goat Tavern deep underground below the Trump Tower. "Step down! Step down! You big guy! You need triple! Yeah, you need triple!" Sure enough, I did. This, I believe, is the place that inspired the Saturday Night Live sketch.

And I had two sausage and egg muffins at the hotel free breakfast. I read on the internet that that is healthier than a low fat bagel with cream cheese and that the protein in the egg can keep you feeling well fed all day, even if meals are erratic, as they can be on vacation.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Pain Of Idleness

I did not go running this morning as planned because I went for a walk yesterday and I think it aggravated my injured toe ever so slightly. Also I did not technically go to sleep until 6:30 a.m. courtesy of a librarian (and Bride) recommended book I could not stop reading, Isabella Moon. Probably not good for the healing, but the toe was elevated most of the time.

I did, just for fun, start reading a book today called 4 Months to a 4-hour Marathon. It is just a coincidence, I assure you, that the Twin Cities Marathon 2008 is in almost exactly four months. General registration is closed, btw, so even if I wanted to, how could I get in? I would have to have an inside contact who worked with the event. Besides, I am injured! And old! And creaky! Youch!

With this blast shield down how am I supposed to fight?

Strangely for being injured, weight has continued to drop. Now at 208 - lowest yet. Given that I am not exercising, I think I must have changed my eating habits. I do not eat for any reason other than being hungry, and then only before 7 p.m. or so. I am used to going to bed hungry and it doesn't bother me as much anymore. Of course last night at the 400 Bar I did need a few late evening beers to fuel my interpretive dance performance, but that's another story perhaps better left for the music "career" blog.

The First Official "I Am Not Going To Run..." Blog Contest Idea just occurred to me. Who can comment with the source of this entry's title soonest? Will it be you? Will you win an Urban Rust CD? Does anyone want an Urban Rust CD? Does anyone want a box of 25 Urban Rust CDs?