Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Walking: Boring

Well, I went for a walk yesterday just like I said I would. I listened (finally) to the iPod playlist Bride made for me. It was fun, but because I was walking not running it ended a little more than halfway through my route.

Hey, know what? Walking alone through a path you've been through many, many times is boring. I wanted to run. I disciplined myself though, and just kept walking. My knees feel fine today. I'll try again tomorrow morning, I think.

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Lilpudn said...

Sounds like you need a dog. Walking is never boring with my dog. He does funny things and it gives a different perspective seeing things through a dog's eyes.

But if that is not reason enough to get a dog then maybe an interesting podcast would work. There's nothing like running to music but when I walk a book or podcast makes the time pass very fast.

Hope the knees keep feeling better.