Tuesday, November 18, 2008


That is how I prefer to spell it for my own reasons. Another great workout last night with Yoguh, elliptical, and pool. Weight 203 this morning. That got as high as 215 this year, so that's pretty good. I'm feeling good.

Oh, also the 15 actual rare tracks from R.E.M.'s somewhat ripoffy 2 disc Best Of 1982-87 make a terrific 45 minute elliptical workout soundtrack. Volume level is very even, drowning out the Lifetime Video Channel "music", on which I've seen each video at least twice now, as well as any cell phone or other conversations going on around me. That's how I workout best. I did have to re-sequence the tracks into chronological order but that was a snap with iTunes. "Decide yourself if radio's gonna stay! Reason it could polish up the grey!" YEAH!

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Lilpudn said...

Glad you're enjoying the workout and your little old ipod. Startrib today had an article about a guy who found a place that, if I understand it right, takes all your old CDs (especially like classical I think), puts them on an ipod, which they give you, and then sends the CDs to some 3rd world country where they don't all have ipods yet and gets paid for them. Wild, eh?