Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More Injury: Wounded Knee

Well, my right knee is acting up. As is, to a lesser extent, my left knee. I did maybe overdo it a little, running four times and doing yoga once in an eight day span. But I was restarting my exercise program!

I ran Monday morning and my iPod played everything exactly in order, skipping nothing. I should maybe not have tagged on an extra time around the pond at the end just so I could hear "You're Gonna Miss This" in its entirety. My finishing sprint was non-existent because the knee had been really hurting for a while. It hurt all day and all day the next day, but today (Wednesday) it feels better. Still, if I learned anything from the left big toe it's DON'T PUSH IT. So I'm calling it. No more running this week. Crap.

This is a double shame, because Bride just created a custom iPod playlist for me on her computer and loaded it on to my iPod. Given the fascinating predilections of Bride I am understandably eager to hear it and run to it. Double crap. (I am, of course, forbidden to listen to it until I am running. Duh.)

See you Monday, when it starts again again. Only stronger. And smarter.

Incidentally, I am adding more albums to my running playlist. Steve Winwood's voice and upbeat, encouraging spirit is really working for me, so Traffic's Smiling Phases two-disc best-of is going on there. Also Genesis Invisible Touch - no one does thunderous ear-to-ear toms like Phil Collins.

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