Monday, July 21, 2008

More iPod

Despite going to bed before 9 p.m. last night, I was so sleepy this morning that I almost didn't run. Then I thought of the Steve Winwood albums I'd loaded on to the iPod and got up and went. It was a good run. I mostly listened to 1980's Arc of A Diver album. The "keeper" tracks from that are Arc of a Diver, Spanish Dancer, and Night Train. It's interesting to learn what my standards are for music on the run. They are definitely NOT the same as music in the house.

I need lots of snare and toms - lots of pounding. Hi-hat and other cymbals just mess with my pace. The only time tempo is an issue is when there's a constant high frequency ticking - Hi-hat mostly. Catchy hooks and inspiring lyrics. Not lyrics that make me laugh or think, just powerful, emotional encouragement. R.E.M.'s Living Well Is The Best Revenge is working great for me, for example. Very, very different from what I like in the house! I need POWER POWER POWER.

Flying To My Home followed by Arc was as far as I got. Didn't even reach the R.E.M. or Mellow & Catchy segements today. I think I was running pretty fast. I felt like I could have done more, but I just kept to the known, sustainable course. Maybe next week I will add a little bit extra.

I also drew up my exercise chart with the system I described in the previous post. I put an "E" down for July 21, the first day of the rest of my life. Had a great day with the kids - everything right on schedule, good naps, lots of fun. Felt really good all day.

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Chazz Vader said...

Just love the driving beat of a tri-tom-toms