Thursday, July 24, 2008

My iPod Is Causing Magical Thinking

This morning I ran with a couple new tunes on there. I put on "Tears In Heaven" because I have always found that song to be absolutely the perfect tempo and often played it in my mind for long, long periods of time as I ran pre-iPod. I also put on "You're Gonna Miss This" by Trace Adkins, which made me sob uncontrollably. Thankfully I did not pass anyone while this was playing.

Then, the weird. The iPod shuffle completely skipped the R.E.M. part and most of the Mellow & Catchy to go straight to "We Belong". I want to emphasize that it was NOT on shuffle mode. It should logically have played Judy Collins's "Both Sides Now", which would have allowed me to gain control of myself and finish my run with dignity, if not necessarily a burst of power.

As it is I finished very, very strong with a sprint and as I cooled down and came within sight of my house to see Bride watering our front yard bushes iPod mischeviously threw Juice Newton's "Angel Of The Morning" at me and I sang along as I approached her in her work clothes and she instinctively shrank from the possibility of a sweaty hug, which I am old enough and smart enough not to think would be funny.

So what's the deal, iPod shuffle? Are you trying to control my emotions or what? I don't mind, I'm just asking. If you've become sentient I want to know. I won't do anything about it (I've seen TNG "Measure of a Man" and I know your rights) I just want to know.

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