Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Did It Again!

Up and out the door by 7 a.m. this morning, ran the course I think I can sustain. I feel a lot less tired this week, but I feel very, very sleepy. Which is better than tired because then I actually sleep well. Also I invented a fun, indoor game for Child called "Try to keep Daddy awake while he lies on the couch resting his eyes."

At the weigh-in just now I weighed a baffling 215! So three days of exercise and not eating after 8 p.m. and I've...gained a pound. WTF? Oh, maybe it was the entire pizza I had for lunch and dinner yesterday. Remember how I didn't eat it the night before? It worked itself out. A good decision would have been to have left two or three slices for Bride when she got home. Now I'll know. Ha ha ha. As if that were how life works.

Anyway, while running, I thought of another reason I am not going to run the 2009 Twin Cities Marathon in less than four hours. When I ran it in 1996 I did not know the area very well, which is an understatement. While they did have mile markers, they did not have much of an effect on my mind. However, now that I have become exponentially more familiar with the layout of the metro area, I imagine having self-challenging thoughts along these lines:

"Dear Lord, I've already run from the Metrodome to Lake Calhoun! Isn't that enough? Now I'm expected to run down to Harriet, then somehow get to the 94 bridge? And then run another eight miles through St. Paul to the Capitol Building!! Lord, not a chance!" At which time I peel off and drive home. (But without getting lost, as I would have had I left the course at any time in 1996.) Contrast this with my thoughts in 1996:

"Ooh, the Metrodome! I've seen that on TV! Hey, this is a nice lake! Wow, there sure are a lot of lakes! And here's a beautiful path along a river. Gee, I wonder what river this is! Is that a donut shop? Mmm. Smells good! Look at all these beautiful homes! And skyscrapers! And people cheering for me! Golly, this is the most beautiful urban marathon in the world! (phrase now trademark of Medtronic TCM). Oh, gosh, I'm done! I think I'll collapse in pain on the lawn of our state capitol building. Aaaah. Perfect! I'm 24!"

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Fergus Evans said...

I find that weight loss sometimes lags a few days behind hunger and exercise. The way I know that I am in weight loss mode for a day is that I am humgry for at least an hour before every meal. Daily exercise and a couple hours of hunger per day and you will lose weight at a reasonable pace. Think: "Hunger is my friend."
I am an expert at losing weight. I have lost the same 7 pounds over and over and over and over. I should stop rewarding myself by eating when I lose some weight.