Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Flip Side of Discipline

This week I still have the hurt toe, so I am forcing myself to not run. It is very difficult. I (and toddler and child, obviously, since I would have to get up if they didn't) slept in until almost 10 Tuesday and Wednesday. This may sound good, but it is NOT the way to start a succesful, routine (one and the same) day with a toddler and a child. I really, really want to get back out in the mornings to kick start my days. If all continues to heal I will try it out Monday, June 2. I am very tempted to try it tomorrow but don't want to risk further aggravating it.

Strangely enough, with very little aerobic physical activity AND with giving in to temptation last night with a big plate of cheddar cheese melted over (low fat, Target brand) triscuits during TNG, I acheived my lowest number at a weigh in since the beginning of the program, 210. Weird. It would seem, if I am learning anything from this, that I am learning that weight is not a very successful measurement of physical fitness for me.

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