Thursday, May 15, 2008

Staying the (Other) Course

Just to mix it up this week I tried a different path that's more nature, less automobile exhaust. Eh. It's a little more alone-with-my-thoughts than the road path. I'm so used to being in fight-or-flight and watching for cars that I felt a bit unnerved by the silence, but will probably keep at it as it is probably a good stress buster. Hey, check that out! How many sentences do you see with five words in a row with exactly two letters?

Weight seemed to level off at 212 this week and Chazz suggested weekly rather than daily weigh ins. That's possible.

Snapshot: Last night we went to a favorite restaurant. Here's what I would usually eat there: 1) The majority of the family supreme nachos. 2) A bloody mary. 3) A spicy bean burger with massive-cut fries, both with spicy barbecue sauce. 4) Whatever anyone else didn't finish. On the program which will lead to me successfully not running the 2009 Twin Cities Marathon in under four hours, I still ate #1. BUT I only drank water and I had a Caesar salad with no meat and left the leftovers for our takeaway carton. I still "skyrocketed" up to 214 this morning, but like Chazz said, that is within normal random fluctuations. And I FELT so much better than when I overeat. Aah. I even played a little bit of basketball at the park immediately after this meal and didn't feel like I was dragging around a second basketball under my shirt. Sweet.

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