Thursday, May 22, 2008

This Could Lead To Excellence...

...Or Serious Injury
-They Might Be Giants, "Spiraling Shape", Factory Showroom, 1996

(Expletives!!) I had just gotten used to the Monday-Wednesday-Friday 7 a.m. run. I've made eight in a row and not missed one! I thought I would play some racquetball today, Thursday. My foot slid hard into the left wall, my big toe is swollen and painful, and I can not even walk normally. (Expletives! Expletives!)

I hate having medical problems more than anything else I have so far encountered. Well, I might rather have medical problems that computer problems, actually. I mostly hate being forced into a diminished capacity for child care, music, and (expletive-ing) walking!! Bride just got braces and can't really eat and now I can't walk. What a pair. EXPLETIVE!!

On the plus side, Medica had an excellent nurse line service with a real person who was very thorough and an excellent communicator. He said if it had been broken or fractured I couldn't have continued to play on it, which I did for about five dumb, dumb, regrettable minutes. He didn't recommend seeeking out further medical attention and told me roughly what to expect - swelling will go down, bruise will become livid, should continue to return to normal.

Also interesting - The TMBG quote I used to title the post is found remarkably often in blogs as an epigram. (I forgot which song it was from and goodsearched the phrase (for Feline Rescue Inc., St, Paul, Minnesota, incidentally).)

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