Monday, June 16, 2008

Lazy Bum

My toe hurt a little more after I did a very, very short run on Friday morning. Expletive! It is frustrating not to be able to run or to feel like I might be hurting myself worse by doing so. I was thinking of running this morning early, but had trouble sleeping related to toddler and perhaps the diet coke I had around 6:30. I think no caffeine after noon or so is going to have to be a rule. It was like I could see through my eyelids. Eyes were closed, but I wasn't asleep and I felt like I could see the room. It looked like the lights were on even though they weren't. Very strange night for me really. Uncommon, thankfully.

Inspired by Tiger Woods winning the U.S. Open in the most dramatic possible way (including a bum knee) I may just run Wednesday morning and the toe can fend for itself. Good luck, toe. I wish you well, but you're coming with me and you'll kick your share of dirt. Gear up.

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