Thursday, June 26, 2008

And Again With The "Next Week"

How many times have I posted a new start date for exercising? But um, next Monday. Yeah. Going to really get out there and see what I can do. The left big toe is still slightly oversized but you know I have to run sometime. I signed up for the 2008 Twin Cities Marathon...5K. So goal? I could say 25 minutes, I guess. Yeah, 25 minutes. That's my goal.

Had lowest weight since weigh-in began - 206 - and have generally noticed weight around 208/209 this month whereas last month was most often (median) 212. So the eating part is working. I have added a microwaveable sausage, egg, cheese biscuit to the training table every morning. I read on the internet that this helps a person feel full all day and my experience suggests it is so. Well, that's probably more than enough computer time. Time to go play with the family.

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